Professional Dental Cleaning System

$219.00 $189.00

  • Li-zey with Japan design and German electric motor, can recover your nature color of teeth in only 30 seconds. It has become Japan bestseller.
  • Li-zey polished head is designed to fit all types of angle of teeth, using it with FDA approved small particles toothpaste, it can remove stains on teeth and get rid of bad breath.
  • Good result on yellow teeth caused by coffee, tea and cigarette, Li-zey help you rebuild your confidence and beautiful smile.




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Standard Package

User manualx1
Li-ZEY Cristal Blanc Spin Cup (B-DT-C1)x1pcs
Li-ZEY Cristal Blanc Spin Tip x1pcs
Li-ZEY Cristal Blanc Glitter x3pcs
Li-ZEY Replaceable Antibacterial Brush Handle x1pcs
Li-ZEY Exclusive Pouch x 1pcs

Local Warranty x 1 year

Li-ZEY Cristal Blanc Official Video! Seeing is believing!  

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