Our Award

In a home, there will always be some home appliances that are staple to every kitchen. Whether they are knives or can openers, the constant innovation of such items have transformed cooking into a task that can be completed with minimum fuss. With the boom of online shopping and increasingly cheaper prices of these household items, one company that stands out with their quality goods and reasonable prices is Hokey Home Care

Established in 2004 by Mr. Alvin Ng, Hokey Home Care specializes in finding and producing the best kitchen appliances and tools for the modern Singaporean household. These items include their manual juicer, drum grater, meat miner, 2 in 1 safety can opener, ceramic woks and knives, and many more. Aside from their array of kitchen appliances and tools, Hokey Home Care also retails other household items such as non-electric vacuum cleaners and mops, as well as cleaning cloths and scissors.

With their emphasis on product quality, Hokey Home Care has built up a reputation as a provider of reliable household items. This is demonstrated by their sales of their can opener; since its introduction, Hokey Home Care has sold over ten thousand of their can openers. Companies knowing of the item quality have also approached them to do corporate gifts.

For Alvin, the household items industry was one he is very familiar with. “Previously, I worked as a demonstrator for such household items. But last time, the items themselves were not so good. I wanted to search for something better. But when I couldn’t find anything satisfying, I decided to create my own brand instead.” With that, Hokey Home Care was thus born.

To produce the best products, Alvin found himself travelling to several Asian countries to look for the best materials and items. “All of our items come from Japan, Taiwan and Korea, and they produce really good quality goods. To make sure Hokey Home Care only stocks the best quality items, I personally made trips to these countries to see the item quality for myself.”

However, this also presented a unique problem for Hokey Home Care when their items debuted in Singapore. Alvin elaborated, “If you want to sell quality, it will definitely be more expensive. I am not willing to sacrifice quality so that I can sell something cheaper. For me, if an item is not of quality, I will throw them away.” With the boom of online shopping and increasingly cheaper but inferior items flooding the market, Alvin’s own items became harder to sell.

Fortunately, given Alvin’s insistence on product quality, soon word began to spread about the reliability of their products. “Quality products at affordable prices. That’s how we characterize ourselves, and it is also what I believed differentiated us from our competitors.”

“We have confidence in our items. And as our product quality is good, other companies began copying our items, but we are not worried at all, as the original’s quality is still the best.”

Reflecting on the years since he started Hokey Home Care, Alvin tells us what entrepreneurship means to him. “First of all, for an entrepreneur to be successful, they must understand every aspect of their business, from the top to the bottom. For example, in a food centre, if a stall happens to be lousy and someone wants to sell it to you, you need to understand what it takes to make it work again.”

With the superior quality of the products, it is long overdue for them to be stocked in accessible locations, and that is where Alvin intends for Hokey Home Care to expand next. “Right now, we have already introduced our items to the public through events like the Singapore Food Festival at the Expo Centre and Suntec City. For the coming years, we definitely are looking to put our products in supermarkets such as NTUC, as well as shopping centres”

A more conservative man, Alvin is not keen on expanding too rapidly and compromising on the quality of their services. This is evident in his overseas expansion plans. “We need to observe how the results are first, before deciding where and which market to go. For example, the housewares in Thailand are expensive, so probably we might not go there to sell our housewares. But there are opportunities in Shanghai and Beijing, and we will definitely consider these markets.”

With well-lauded products and an uncompromising stance on the quality of their products, customers can rest assured that what they are getting from Hokey Home Care are only items of superior quality. Their reliable reputation, coupled with the stellar leadership of Alvin, will only continue to bring success to Hokey Home Care in the coming years.