Easy Lift Mop – SUPAMOP

$69.90 $59.00

Product Features:

•Innovative design without dirtying your hand during wringer process .

•Save your energy and time •Powerful cleaning performance

•Removes nearly 100% of all the dirty water out. •Most important is no electricity required.

•Super absorbent microfiber mop head •Mop head could rotate 360 degree to clean every corner freely.

•Anti-splash design prevent water comes out •Bucket without pedal, no need worry about fixed problem.

•Only place mop handle up and down vertically around 3-6 times to wash it evenly.

•Suitable for all kinds of floor surface. •Adjust mop handle with your requirement

•360 degree spinning mop original inventor.

•Achievements with Germany Red dot design award, Taiwan Excellence Award, Golden Pin Award

•ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified.

Mop head:

1. Unique fibers with good absorption. 2. Without scratching floors or any surfaces. 3. Strong powerful cleaning effect. 4. 360 degree rotates freely




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